Educating the Masses

“Educating the Masses”, 2012

Educating the Masses” is a piece consisting of a video, “Television and You” (linked above), and a notepad, “What Did I Learn?“.

Television and You is an obvious parody of a typical, educational film. The video stars a narrator who talks nonsensically about the negative effects of television, making them up as he goes along, as well as Timmy Valdez (TV) who is an example, according to the narrator, of a typical person who has been afflicted by television’s devious ways. The video looks at the influence of TV on how a person dresses, acts and their expectations in life.


What Did I Learn? is a notepad left in front of the the television which the film is shown on. The viewer is given the option to write down what they have learned from watching the educational film.

The idea is to point out that television is bad, but to do it without being either for or against it. The video takes the debate and makes a joke out of it which would in a sense be a negative take, whilst it is also a video against television making it stand on both sides. It exists as an example of both sides. The viewer can then write out their understanding, but will always make a funny remark because of the entertainment quality seen in the video due to them not acknowledging there being a point behind something that is so ironically funny/assuming they know everything because of how the video is presented without reading the the deeper meanings.


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